hey, if anyone can help me, i would greatly greatly appreciate it. let me explain my plorblem to you all.
when i start up my laptop running xp, before it does anything else, it gives me the error...
"windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM
you can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows setup using the original setup cdrom. select 'r' at the first screen to start repair"

now, i have tried it with the cdrom and the 6 floppy disk setup. both do the same thing: once it gets to the options to install a fresh copy of xp or repair the currently installed version, it is like the keyboard becomes dead. nothing registers on the keyboard. however, the funny thing is that anytime up till that screen, all the buttons are fine, the keys pressed are registered. thus, i am stuck. no matter how i try to start windows, i get the same problem. any thoughts or advice would be very very very appreciated.

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a couple more quick things to add...its an ibm and the files stored on the laptop i do not care about...so i think my solution would be to completely delete windows xp off. however, i am not sure how to do that without startup disks or windows actually running? thanks!

I guess the big question is, do you have a regular winxp install CD, winxp upgrade CD, winxp OEM CD, or an IBM restore CD with XP?

Try this site to see if you can fix your problem: http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_sys32.htm

If you want to do a fresh install then you can go to: http://www.bootdisk.com and download an ME startup disk to fdisk your hard drive.

i have a regular winxp install

i just downloaded windows ME OEM from bootdisk.com and tried booting from that and it gives me the message, remove disks or other media press any key to restart?

You may need to go into the bios and reset the boot order to floppy, then CD rom, and finally hard drive.

hey, i used delpart to erase the harddrive, then i used fdisk to create a partition. however, i dont know where to go from here. using the xp cdrom disk gives me the error "No OS installed" and i do not know how to get it to install windows now? are there certain files i need to put on the laptop first from a floppy? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks all!

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