Hiya, I recently had to reformat my computer, after doing that its telling me the wizard cannot find your network hardware. I'm running windows xp on both computers. The one computer runs perfectly fine, the other computer won't even detect the connection when i have it directly connected. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Did you try reinstalling the drivers for the network adapter?

Eh, dont exactly know how to do that, I don't have the original drivers rand utilities disc that came with it though :(


If you don't have access to the drivers on a disk, then you need to find out what your network device is and download the appropriate driver for it. You can find out information about your hardware by using Everest Home. Install that program on the system you need to identify the network device on and look at the hardware view. You should be able to find your device listed there. If the network adapter is a stand-alone card, look for the identity of that card. If your network adapter is built into the motherboard, you will need to identify the motherboard (you will get the driver from the motherboard manufacturer's site).

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