I got tired of the porblems with zone alarm and uninstalled it, and downloaded sygate. After I rebooted I received the following message-

Smc. exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.

When I get to the desktop there wasn't an icon for sygate, so I went into search and created a shortcut, when I clicked on it the page came up, but was not responding to any commands, I had to reboot to get rid of it, and the icon was gone after the reboot.

I know that the Smc. exe is part of the sygate software, but why is windows having a problem with it?

Anyone else having similar probems?

That there is a lack of response isn't surprising, just indicative of the problem of this dying site. It's sad really.

"crickets chirping"

Color me gone.

Wow... Your attitude really makes me want to help you out. Obviously the lack of response in less than a 24 hour period is indication that the site is dying and not one of a host of other possibilities (people are busy, it's holiday season, the fact that people may have no clue how to help you, etc).

Did you restart your system after uninstalling Zone Alarm so that Sygate had a fresh plate to work with? If you didn't, it's possible that the remaining steps that Zone Alarm uninstall did during the next system load damaged settings that Sygate had setup. I recommend that you make sure that both packages are uninstalled, rebooting, running a registry cleaner and possibly even "sfc /scannow", rebooting, and then trying the install again.

Unfortunately, there are just too many reasons why the software may not be operating properly. Have you applied all the patches for Windows? Do you have any viruses, spyware, or other malware that are on your system that may try to prevent firewalls from loading (this happened to me when a virus killed Norton upon a reboot)?

Another problem is that Sygate has absolutely no FAQ section, so I couldn't find any answers on their site.

Sorry if I wasn't able to help, but your need is specific and the problem space is far too vast with little specific search criteria.

Chrisbliss18...thank you for the quick response, I appologize if I offended you with my remarks regarding the forum, and looks like you are have the lions share of responses here, my hat goes off to you.

I had taken all of the proper steps to ensure a good installation, the problem was with the 5.6 version, when I googleed sygate there weren't any references to this problem, but a friend at another site was able to supply the following information.

"On another forum they said that version 5.6 is unstable. If that is the version your using you could try an older version from here. (The here supplied a link to download the 5.5 version,dcc)

EDIT: Little over a month after buying up Sygate, Symantec managed to release an unstable version. That is kind of impressive in its own perverse way."

I downloaded the 5.5 version and it installed without a hitch, I had tried to download of the 5.6 version three times only to have the same problem every time, twice from the same source, and a third from another.

I hope this information helps someone else, then again the problem is being solved by Symantec, as they are canceling sygate tomorrow.

It would seem that the 5.6 version has some undocumented bugs and software/OS conflicts. I'm sure this info will help others that may be experiencing similar issues. Can you provide the link to the 5.5 version?

Oh... Congrats on getting it sorted.

Chrisbiss...here is an excerpt from a news release regarding sygates demise.


One month after closing the Sygate Technologies takeover, Symantec is cutting the Sygate Personal Firewall products because of overlap with the Norton Personal Firewall.

The Sygate Personal Firewall and Sygate Personal Firewall Pro products will no longer be available effective Nov. 30, Symantec spokesman Phil Weiler said Monday. Consumers will receive special upgrade pricing when they buy a replacement product from Symantec’s Norton family of Internet security products, he said.

For those who can act today, here's a link to one of the sites where you can still download the 5.5 version.


Just out of curiosity I just tried to download sygate 5.0, and it's still available, so much for symantecs press release.