My windows 2k pent 4 256 ram keeps giving me the blue screen of death but it says Performing Physical data dump...right in the middle of me doing anything!!!! HELP...what should I do???

I used to get these all the time. And honestly, I don't think I ever fixed it (only because the Pavillion xt155 is the WORST laptop ever produced) but I digress. I'd recommend running a memory test to make sure it didn't go bad, you can download memtest (search on google) it boots from floppy and tests your ram.

Thanks I'll give it a try. So you think it's the RAM??

I was running windows ME half on a bad stick of RAM for 5 months once, when we opened up the case, the ram was burnt, literally! it's definitely possible

What is the error code at the bottom?

It should say
STOP: 0x000000##

under Technical information. Get us that information, and we can probablt help out more. Also, let us know what peripherals are attached, and the details (type of motherboard, etc), of your hardware.

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