There are 2 servers. (I named those 2 servers in this post as "server1" and "server2". Those 2 servers are link together via VPN) i want to backup server1 data to server2. This should be done automatically in every day in some fix time. I know how to back up server1 data to some location of server1. But Still i couldn't find a way to do this with 2 servers. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO DO THIS.
Server version: SQL server 2008

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What backup software are you currently using? Does this backup software allow you to backup to a UNC path? Some backup software only allows local hard drive access.

If your backup software only allows access to the local drive, you could run a scheduled task to copy the local backup file to the other server, while you determine which backup software you can use that will allow you to connect to a remote share.

I'm using SQL server management studio and I want to give distination path like this.
If i cant use SQL server management studio for my work, please tell me another good tool for this work.

Hi Prasad.

You can try this experimental/free software --Dsynchronize (use on your own risk) at:

This will allow you to realtime backup/synchronize your folders. This runs as a service on the servers/desktops.

I faced a similar problem where I had to copy a mapped folder onto a laptop in always updated manner.

Actually, there's a lot more to this software, but be careful, some antivirus may detect it as a threat.


Thank you kedarc. I'l Try this.

I am not using a VPN, however I have server1 setup to use ROBOCOPY to copy data files every day at 2 or 3 AM to server 2.

This method has been working fine for me for about two or three years.

Server1 is using Windows Server 2008 while Server2 is using Windows Server 2003.

For SQL I usually back up to a local folder using SQL's tools.
I then run a scheduled task to syncronize the backups using ROBOCOPY to a remove host.

For a monthly, I FTP a copy of a FULL SQL backup offsite to a VPS running out of state.


Have you sorted this issue out as there are many diffrent ways that this can be done and it really depends on exactly what you would like to do.

If you still require some help let me know. Below are some questions I would like to know to help you further if needed.

  1. What OS platform are your running?
  2. When you say backup do you mean to a secure media like Tape or do you want to have the ability to failover to the other server with minimal effort?
  3. Is there anything else that needs to be backed up other then SQL?
  4. Do you require only free solutions?
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