I'm using Win 7 64-bit on an Acer desktop. Whilst typing the keyboard frequently freezes. This happens in any program using text.
The keyboard de-freezes when I mouse-click on the cursor. Any suggestions, please?

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The first thing to determine is if the keyboard has malfuntioned. If you have a spare USB keyboard handy, unplugging your current keyboard and plugging in a new keyboard will quickly help you determine whether or not its a keyboard issue.

Keyboards do fail from time to time. I know you mentioned this is a desktop, but they commonly malfuntion in laptops. The life of a keyboard depends on its quality and how you care for it.

Alternatively, if you have a bootable Ubuntu Linux CD, you can boot the computer to another operating system and see if the keyboard issue happens there as well. If it does, then they keyboard is bad.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Actually this is not a USB keyboard, but I have fitted a spare and will report progress in a day or three.
FWIW I have Win98 running in VMware on this computer and the problem occurs there too.


Ok, get back to us on the results of the spare.

With regard to....

FWIW I have Win98 running in VMware on this computer and the problem occurs there too.

If it is happending on the host computer and also a guest VM on the same physical computer, then the issue is either with the keyboard or the PS2 component that connects to the keyboard. I would tend to think it would be keyboard related. I have seen keyboards go bad, not too many (none actually) PS2 motherboard issues.

If you do have a spare PS2 keyboard and it works OK, then you have isolated the issue to that one keyboard. You can replicate the issue by plugging that keyboard into another physical computer to be 100% certain.


Thanks Jorge. I changed the keyboard and I still get freezing.
As before, clicking on the cursor with the mouse clears the freeze.

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