Hi guys I have format my laptop (Gateway NV50) and now in the process of installing Windows 7. After the message "press any key to boot from CD/DVD" came up i ignored it because i have already did that. That was the second message. Then boot manager screen appeared with a message "Windows Set Up - EMS Enabled". If i click on that the installation process start over, so I decided to wait for a while and nothing happens. # NB: there is nothing on the system because I have just format it. Therefore the system is unusable and I need it for school.

Please help, what should I do


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To install Windows 7, you should boot from the Win 7 media and to install the OS. During the installation, when you reach the storage portion of the wizard, if there are any existing partitions, I would delete them and continue with a fresh clean install. You shouldnt have been prompted with "EMS Enabled" as an option. It would suggest to me that there was another installation and the boot.ini was modified to give you a choice.


It was a clean installation, everything was deleted. I have been formating computers for the past 5 years and trust me its the first im seeing something like this.

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