I'm having the same problem described in this, unresolved, thread on MS ANSWERS:


I have a MS Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0. Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Most dropdown controls and scrollbars will behave as if the mouse button is being held down.

I should note the keyboard will often act as if the arrow keys are being pressed, as well.

This is only on Windows 7. I use the same mouse on a laptop running XP, with no issues. I've tried another mouse, it behaves the same. So I suspect it isn't a hardware issue.

I've installed and uninstalled the mouse/keyboard software from MS, makes no difference.

Interestingly, when I remote to the system from an XP box using the same mouse/keyboard, the problem doesn't appear.

So I think I've thoroughly narrowed this down to the Windows 7 OS itself not working well with this, or any, mouse, on my system.

Any clues?

No, but I have the exact same problem. Usual Windows over - helpfullness? I'm using a new Advent laptop.

Try this: hold down the Shift key for a few seconds. This will trigger StickyKeys. Then, hit your Left Shift key 6 times. This will turn it off and will let Windows know that you're not holding down Shift and using anything else at the same time.

Even I feel disabling sticky keys should resolve the issue. I tried enabling sticky keys and it encountered erroneous mouse control just the same way you do.

Thanks for the reply! I will give this a try this evening and post the results back to the thread.

The "sticky keys" solution didn't work. Dropdowns, scrollbars, even the "pointer speed" setting in the mouse control panel, all behave as if the mouse button is being held down. It certainly appears as if some hover/assistive technology setting is at work, but I can't find it.

For example, when I open the Device Manager, and click the down vertical scroll bar to scroll down to the list of USB devices to see if there's a problem, then let go of the mouse button, the list will scroll back up to the top "by itself". This doesn't happen in everything, for example, scrolling down Daniweb in Firefox has no issues. It seems to be OS dialog boxes, not program dialog boxes... but that isn't accurate either. HTML dropdowns are inoperable. I can click, they flash open, then immediately close. Only keyboard navigation works there.

This is driving me crazy!

have you tried a basic mouse and keyboard on the win7 machine ,id so do you get the same results when scrolling

Okay, if that didn't work check your mouse drivers in the Device Manager. Any exclamation points?

maybe the wireless mouse is compatible only for win xp...not in win7, try to check the compatibility of that hardware.....

All drivers are OK, no errors reported. This is a MS keyboard/mouse combo as mentioned in the first post, so no compatibility issues. IntelliMouse drivers/control software installed, uninstalled, no difference. I think this is a case of the OS trying to be entirely too cute with the mouse, giving extra features that just get in the way. I installed (again) the latest IntelliMouse software from MS and methodically disabled every button and feature I could and it seems to be behaving a lot better.


I've had similar issues intermittently with the trackpad on my laptop. I find that if I click a couple times on the right side of the desktop (the left doesn't work), then hit the escape key, it will return full control.