previously i had microsoft office 2007 in my pc. Then i tried the trail version of office 2010. Recently i uninstalled this trail version in order to retrieve office'07. But i lost both the offices and don' have any office in my pc now.Please help me.Can i retrieve the office 2007?
Also can i install both 2007 and 2010 in my pc?
my windows version is windows 7 home basic .

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I did some poking around and everything I have read states you will have to uninstall both and re-install office 2007 to get it back. Hopefully you still have the installation media from your original 2007 installation.

If you don't have the original key below is a link with advice on how to retrive the key from your registry. *hopfully this was not overwritten by a temporary key for the 2010 trial, best of luck.




Just to followup on Zelkea's post -- be sure to check for the key BEFORE uninstalling Office2007 if you need to use that option.


hi, i have win7 32 bit and run both 2007 and 2010 office , but if you have win7 64 bit and have office 2007 installed ,when install 2010 office it will uninstall the 2007 ,this is what happened to us anyway ,when we installed it on the 64bit laptop that had office 2007 on it

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