It appears to be happening to a few of our users, whereby they are connecting via terminal services to a server and none of their printers pass over. I have tried the same solutions that i will list now on all users that have this problem:

Ensured the RDP icon allowed for 'local resourses' to pass over- didnt make a difference
I tried installing the printer driver on the server side (then removing the printer on the server side too)- didnt work
I tried removing their profile on the server- didnt work
I tried getting them all to log on from one different PC - which worked for all of them, so this final solution suggests its personal to the Pc's that they are using?

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Check on the Terminal Server itself. Admin tools, Terminal Services Configuration, RDP-TCP, properties.

It turned out an RDP update worked for a couple of users PC's but the others required a reinstall of the PC. thanks anyway mate.

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