How can I make a template with 4-6 pictures the will have some descriptive caption under each picture, my boss is wanting me to create a template for him, but I'm having trouble finding that in a premade template or maybe I have not looked in the right place. Please help =)


Here is a article on creating templates for powerpoint.

I have created a powerpoint template that has one slide in it that allows you to click a box and add a picture with a caption underneath.

As this site does not seem to allow updating here is a quick guide to what I did.

  • Open Powerpoint so a new blank document opens
  • Delete the boxes displayed on the slide
  • Right click on the blank slide
  • Move the mouse over 'Layout'
  • Chose Picture with caption
  • Then save the powerpoint presentation as a potx

This can then be sent to your boss and he can just duplicate the slide as many times as he needs to then click and add pictures and text.

Hope this helps.

Please note that I have done this in Powerpoint 2010 so it may differ if you have a earlier version.