heya people im such a twat i cant believe this wen i was my pc which is windows xp pro i was messin wiv th date n i left it on 2003 n i turned it off thinking nothging of it but now when i turn it on the blue windows xp welcoming screen shows up but with no user acoun log in things so i cant get onto my pc:( plz plz help

i hope this is not a wind-up..!! Reboot, and while your PC starts up, watch at the bottom of the black screen for the key[combination] to press to enter Setup. Hit it! Fast! [it's probably Delete...]. Okay, you now have access to BIOS settings - what you want will be in the top or first group. Follow the instructions, go in there and set the current time/date. Don't change anything else UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
Exit with Save. You're in.

no it not a wind up i did that changed the date as you said..but it hasnt changed anything the same screen comes up with nologins

Did you change the date from inside Windows, or did you change it in the BIOS?

You could try:

Unplugging the network cable and THEN booting up. If you can reset the date, then reboot.


You can try going into Safe Mode. Hit F8 when you are booting up (keep hitting it) until you have the choice to go into Safe Mode. Log in as normal, reset the date, and reboot.

i changed it in windows and none of tha works safe mode jus does the exact same so does everything else

okay. now when you get the blank welcome screen, ie, no user accounts, what happens if u go ctrl-alt-del twice? do u get the little login screen that allows you to enter a user name and password? cos if u do, and you can remember that stuff...

nothing happens when i hit it twice or no matter how ever man time i press them

Tricky. ..
If you cannot do a Repair cos you do not have the Windows genuine XP install cd, then... let's yell HELP!! together..?