everytime i boot my computer msiazb32.dll error appears how to fix this?

the hole

there was a problem starting msiazb32.dll
the specified module could not be found

how to fix this problem?

and one more error is

there was aproblem starting msipqq32.dll
the specified module could not be found

how to fix this two error?

have you installed or uninstalled any programs lately?
are you familiar with the windows registry? try searching the registry for those dll names.

normally, it will tell you which programs it's associated with if there's a match on your registy search.

And if you're quite familiar with win registry, if there's match on your search check the registry key.

if it's not of importance, export or backup first the registry before deleting the registry key that points to that particular dll.

reboot the pc, it will be gone.

or check msconfig, then select "Selective Startup" it will ask you to reboot after the changes, and when it boots and those error does not appear.

Then you need to go through each of the settings in msconfig which is linked to that dlls. then you might need to uncheck it from msconfig.

so msconfig will not load that settings and the error won't appear everytime you boot.