so, my external's been working (just) for however long, but now when i plug it in it won't show up in explorer. it's in the devices list, is recognised by the computer fine, makes the little bhing noise when connected etc etc, but i cant access it. this is what the computer management shows. the external is disk 2


dont really know what that means, but there you go. it has no drive letter but wont let me assign it one.

im pretty sure this started happening when i reinstalled windows a few weeks back, updating from xp home to pro

any ideas? i have some important stuff on there!!


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Hi. It looks like the partition table [at least] is damaged, hence the drive showing as Unallocated in that pic. You're going to need a tool to investigate the disk structure and then to repair/rewrite the partition table. This is it: TestDisk at http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download
Download it, unzip it to its own folder.
Do you remember the basic disk structure? NTFS [or FAT], primary or logical partitions, how many and their names? That's not vital... it just helps.
Right, before you start TestDisk find testdisk_win.exe inside the win folder - rclick it and create a shortcut, drag that onto your desktop. Good; dclick it to start the pgm.
It is important that you read and understand the information/notes on each screen.
It's up to you whether you create a log of actions... I don't bother. On the next screen use arrow keys to select your disk; hit the
Enter key to Proceed if the disk is listed correctly.
Hit Enter again for Intel/PC selection; enter again for Analyse.
At this point the display may show your correct partition structure, but I imagine that's unlikely... so enter Quick Search.
I could go on, but perhaps you wish to feel your own way... it's a matter of recognising your partitions are correctly identified and typed, that the file tables are readable, that boundaries add up... if you need help with it, just come back. Post some screens.. the Analyse result, the Quick Search result, and your comments on them.
Note that on most screens, even if it is not listed you can go back one step by typing q.


thanks for that. i may need your help as i'm not to computer savvy so a lot of that went over my head. i'll see how it goes, but before i go on...have i lost everything that was on there?



As far as I am aware if it is just the partition table that is damaged then everything else is still there... like a book without an index the computer doesn't know where the files are, so if you fix the partition table then you will have access to them again just like before.

- Let us know how it goes.



Thanks very much guys. gerbil, i followed your instructions. there was only one partition, i wrote it and now my HD is appearing as normal, with everything still there. thank you again!

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