I had to force remove some programs, and now, when I go to "Save as" a file or attach a file, My Documents file, in the Library, is empty. I have to go through C:/user/user/my documents to see them.

To attempt to fix this problem, I deleted all the users except Admin, changed all file permissions to Admin, and even manually added a bunch of permissions through DOS-run:/regedit

Also, my built-in cam stopped working at the same time. I uninstalled and reinstalled manufacturer software from Lenovo.com, and the Lenovo cam check shows video, but can't be found when I try to use EasyCam or the other manufacturer imaging program.

Any ides?

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If I was experiencing several symptoms like you describe, I would “Repair” Windows. I say that because the “Save as” function is a standard routine in Windows available to application programmers. Rather than rewrite code which is common to many applications, Windows provides standard functions.

Start by backing up your data to a harddrive other than that on which Windows is loaded or DVDs. If the backup will be to DVDs and you have a lot of data, consider getting an external USB drive.

Do you have original Windows installation DVDs? If not, do you have a recovery partition?


I have done the Windows 7 fix tool, and a number of other reg
editors. No luck. I could create a partition to back up to, but...

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