I keep getting a pop up that says:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Buffer overrun detected
A buffer overun has been detected which has corrupted the programs internal state. Program cannot safely cont. execution and must terminate.

It started when I tried to upgrade my AOL to the 9.0 Secutiry Edition. I had just put the cd in, and as it started to run, the error popped up. I shut down and re-started and AOL begain to upgrade. When completed, the aol start screen opened, it updated it's files and then instead of getting the "sign on" screen, it just shut down. I tried several times to get AOL up and running and got nothing!

I even tried uninstalling AOL completly and using a different CD, tried re-installing. NOTHING!.. same thing as before.. the weird thing is, only minutes before I tried the update, I was Online.... I have no idea what has happened.

I have had to borrow another computer just to access the internet, and I need my other one back desperatly!!
( I am running Windows ME )

Please help!

PS. I have run Norton system check, and all of its other scans... the only thing that shows up is a file "mscoree.dll" is missing and it can't fix it. But after researching that, it does not seem to have anything to do with it.

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I have a similar problem, when i pop in the aol 9.0 disk i get a message that says aolsetup has cause an error <unknown> please restart your computer.

I called aol tech support and they said it was a problem with my computer which i am still looking into, bty im also running Windows ME, have you tried calling AOL tech support yet? if not I would start there.

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