I recently compressed a whole username(I think the file was DeveloperBackup and I think the extention was .gz but I'M not certain) in ubuntu and I had one copy of the file on my ubuntu laptop and one on my external HD. I know this sounds really stupid of me and it is, but I accidently deleted both copies. I'M pretty sure the copy on the laptop can not be recovered since I just overwrote it with Windows. The one on the external HD was deleted while pluged into my Windows desktop. So I can the program testdisk - photorec_win.exe and seleced the external HD as my tarted. It has retrieved a mountain of files but I have yet to get the file DevloperBackup.gz or anything clole to. This stupid removal was very recent. Any ideas or suggestions? Also, when removing files from an external HD, should I be looking there for retrival or from the desktop that gave the DELETE command? Thanks for any and all replies.

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