This is my first post in this forum.

Suppose there is a web page with url :

I can save this page easily using Ctrl+s within a second.

But my question is if there are say,600 web pages starting from to

and I want to save all of them then using Ctrl+s it will take a lot of time.

So is there any way to write a batch script using which I will be able to do

this by double clicking the .bat file.I know batch programming but I can't

figure out how to accomplish this.Can someone please show me the way?

Thanks to all in advance.

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I would suggest you use HTTrack website copier, very easy to use and available on the link below:

wget is a free command line utility for retrieving content from web servers. It's open source, part of the GNU project. You'll find there are ports of wget available for most platforms.

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