Hello. I have been trying to trouble shoot my brother's computer for some time now. One day, the javascript on his computer disabled or deleted itself. He can't open new web page links, or anything with javascript, his search is disabled because the javascript is not working, and programs like microsoft student that run on javascript, do not work. I tried resetting the program accesses and defaults to run microsoft...that didn't work. Then i tried installing the java runtime from java.com... that didn't work. Microsoft update doen't work becuase it uses javascript. He wanted to reformat his hard drive, but I think that there is something less drastic that we can do. I'm stumped! :) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you so much!

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Try going into IE, Tools menu, Internet Options, under Java check that the check box next to "Use Java V2........" is ticked. Tick if isn't and restart as requested.

Java isn't Javascript.

1) Install Windows Script Host 5.6:

2) Download Dial-a-fix:
(This will help you re-register DLLs that are responsible for this functionality)
3) Checkmark everything in box #5 and click GO. Report any errors you get.
4) If still having issues with Windows Update, you can also checkmark box #3 (Fix Windows Update) and hit GO.

Good luck :)

Thanks everyone for your help! It was something with the scripts host. After installing it and restarting the computer, everything works fine! I didn't even need to do anything with dial a fix, but thanks for your help! I never would have guessed that it was a host file! Thanks again! :)

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