Everytime I try and browse the internet on my Toshiba laptop, the pages will load, but after waiting a stupid amount of time.. I have tried everything to fix it (Malware removal, Search n Destroy, AVG, wireless card update, defrag, windows update, ethernet connection, multiple browsers)

It's definatly not my router thats the problem or the wireless card as other laptops in the house can connect and run super quick..

Im all out of ideas.

And nothing seems to fix it.. Specs for the laptop are:

Intel R Celeron CPU 900 2.20ghz, 2.19 GHz
Ram: 1GB
32 Bit Operating System
Windows Vista Home

Are the TcP/IP settings, specifically the DNs server set to DHCP so that the settings are the same as the other computers on the network?

OPen a command prompt, type ipconfig /all compare two machines. The only difference should be the IP address.

Also, from that computer, try this.. download a bootable linux CD. Boot from that CD so you bypass windows. From the browser in the linux session, try browsing the intenet. If its slow, it is related to the hardware on that laptop. if its not, then it definately 100% related to Windows installation (since you mentioned you tried multiple browsers). At that point, i would just wipe the hard drive, reload my windows Os. After time, Windows can get quarky and a refresh install just seems to be the only option.