I have 326 email addresses that I would like to add to a distribution group. Basically, from Outlook, I want to type the name of the group, say "research", and have my message automatically go out to all 326 e-mail addresses. I also need it to be blind, meaningch recipient does not see everyone else's address.

How do I set this up in Exchange / Active Directory? I know the basics. What are the absolute limits of # of recipients in exchange 2003 for a distribution list?


Normally, you would just create a Global Group of type "Distribution" in Active Directory. Right Click the OU, New Group. Continue through the wizard and mail-enable the group (note this requires the Exchange Admin tools installed on the workstation, or do this procedure from the Exchange server).


Then add members to the group, using an Active Directory Users and Computers console.

If you want to place limits on how many recipients can receive messages, you control this in Exchange. >> Global Settngs (Message Delivery -> properties | Defaults)

When mentioned that you do not want people to see the members of the group...In this case, the way I would handle it is to just create a generic user account, mailbox enable it, then in Excange, configure this account to forward mail to a distribution group. When a user receives or sends mail to this generic user account, they will not see the membership list because you are just forwarding mail to the DL.