My Samsung R159 won't startup. It was working perfectly this morning before I left my house - before I left I put the laptop to sleep and wasn't in the charger. When I came home I turned it on, during the loading screen just before the login screen, it went black, restarted and went to Samsung Recovery Solution. Recovery has done tests to find the problem 6 times but it says it cannot find it. I did a System Restore to a checkpoint from last night, and it still won't startup, it keeps going to the Recovery wizard.

I pressed F8 to get the boot menu up and tried to get computer running by running Safe Mode, was still taken to page with Launch Repair or Start Windows Normally. I then tried clicking the option to disable system restore when the computer crashed so I could see the error, and I got this: a blue screen appeared and said "STOP: c0000005 The instruction at 0x%08lx refernced memoryat 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s." Turned it back off and it came back to start windows normally, which would just lead to the same page, or launch repair.

I've had 7 repair attempts through Samsung Recovery Solution and it still can't find the problem. I checked the logs of repair results, everything is perfect. But, I don't know if this means anything, but one thing says 'harddrive0' followed by 'Roots of problem 1', or something similar to that. No other scans of the drivers produce that result.

I looked up 'harddrive0' on Google, and from what I can gather, my hard drive is either dying or is already dead.

Is anyone able to help?

It looks like you have corrupted data on your hard drive. A reinstall may be your only option.

I agree with Rik, but a last ditch thought is to try to boot from a cd such as linux or a partition commander type of cd and then see if you can access the had disk. It may be that this can show you if there are defective sectors and if there are it will be a reformat and then a reinstall.

try formating the drives....and reinstall your OS

get new hd --if old hd failing reloading on same drive the problem will eventually happen again and get a tech our some one savy with computers to retreive all info from old drive and install info on new hard drive after you have re isntalled whatever os you are using
I have learnt from that same problem myself
hope all goes okay good luck

Download the Vista Recovery Disk here: Create boot disk from .iso. Boot from disk. Chose "Repair Computer". Chose "Vista Installation". Chose "Command Prompt". Type "bootrec.exe". Ignore all four choices. Type "bcdedit /export c:\bcd_backup". Type "c:". Type "cd boot". Type "attrib -s -h -r". Type "ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old". Type "bootrec /rebuildbcd". Type "y" for yes. Restart. Problem solved.

PS If Windows 7 do the exact same thing with Windows 7 recovery disk.

re-install your operating system will help you better ....

If you really want to see the health of your hard drive I highly recommend SpinRite. My son (who now understands the importance of regular backups) almost lost a couple of years of PhD research due to a drive problem. SpinRite was able to recover the data from bad sectors. His laptop was experiencing BSOD with increasing frequency and we were able to identify his hard drive as the problem. SpinRite's diagnostic mode can help you to detect when a drive is nearing the end of its life.