I do one task every day, but find myself sometimes missing days out of this task either when I'm not in the office or even near my computer for most of the day.

The task:
Open Exchange System Manager
Navigate to current Mailboxes
Export current data to TXT file
Save TXT file to network share as <DATE>.txt

If I could have something that would do this task for me every day, then I wouldn't have to worry that I'll be missing days to collect and monitor the email sizes for each user.

I take these files and place them into MS Excel so I can graph and monitor day to day growth of email as well as target certain users that are going exceedingly over the limits. Since we don’t want to shutdown people’s emails, we only have the server sending warnings if they reach a certain limit.

If this can be done everyday without me having to remember, among other things, to do the task every day this would be rather helpful.

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sorry no one knew the answer for[not my field of expertize,sorry,] ,daniweb has be a lot slow lately .must be summer
maybe this section of daniweb will serve you better

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