hi guys,

My hard disk was crashed. I some how recovered my data.Now my problem is
I am unable to add my mail folder into the my outlook.The file is in .ost format

The error is as follows:
" The file you chosen is not an outlook data file.you must select a new file of this type file".

If the file is in .pst i can able to add easily. But it is in .ost.

I tried with some softwares to convert from .ost to .pst file they are showing the mails,but they are asking money to save the recovered mails into .pst format.

Is there any way to add the .ost files to the ms outlook so that i can access my mails

Thanks in advance

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In this situation you need an MS Exchange OST converter tool to Convert .ost to .pst


i was thinking just under file and open should allow you to open the ost file and just copy the emails to your new pst file

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