my NEC vl260 came with win xp sp2, preinstalled after reformatting due to system crashes, I have installed a copy of win xp sp2, now the two are in conflict i.e. sound card is not recognised, can anyone tell me how to access the preinstalled version ?

The sound card problem is most likely a driver issue. Find the latest drivers and install them. Is that the only thing that was in 'conflict'?

driver problems are the most common. Is the sound card on the mother board, did you have to place another on into the computer or did it come with one under the keyboard and mouse inputs? If it is onboard than an update from microsft should resolve the problem. If you installed it you need to find out three things: Did you need to install software before the card? If so than did you remove the card prior to reinstalling XP?
If not that than who is the manufacturer of the card and what is the serial number of the card, used in case windows update does not find the drivers for you.

Windows update will be the best bet to resolve the problem but do have the information available.

Now if you needed to remove the card prior to reinstall of XP and you did not, then what you need to do is to remove the card now and reinstall XP again. If you are using a Compaq or HP continously hit F10 until a window screen appears stating "Loading Recovery Partition". You can call customer service for the brand of computer that you have if other than HP or Compaq.

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