My Windows 7 computer is almost completely frozen. I can run it in safe mode, but as soon as I do all the maintenance (virus search, glary utilities, CC Clean) in safe mode and go back to regular, it freezes or goes very very slow (10 minutes to shut down). Specifically, the "reset" button light is on continuously. When I go into event viewer and Admin events or system events, it lists thousands of errors. Most of are similar types to these:

  • the netword list service depends on the Network location awareness service which failed to start because: the dependency group failed to start

  • Most of the error and warning messages had to do with either the hardDisk0 has a bad block or with the NVDIA something failed an I/O request, regarding the nvid64 riad array.

I did try to do system restore, and the first time it worked for an hour or so, but then we were right back to the same errors and frozen screen.

Does this made sense to anyone??? Can anyone help???

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Sounds like your hard drive is on the way out and is in need of replacement in my opinion.

To be sure, do a full scan with hdtune in safe mode. Google will easily find it.

One more possible reason besides the hard drive issue that Rik mentioned is that you have a service or program that is causing an issue. This particular service/program may not be starting while in safe mode which would explain why you are only seeing the issue while in normal operation of Windows. To try to fix this, you could open up msconfig and start disable all services/programs. If Windows works fine, then start re-enabling services one at a time. Make sure you write down a list of what is currently starting up before you do this. You could also start with the non-microsoft services as well. Hopefully this helps!

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