I'm trying to add a bunch of contacts with external e-mail addresses to my distribution group. Upon adding the contact's SMTP address and clicking apply, I get the following error message after a brief delay:

An Exchange Server could not be found in the domain.
Check if the Microsoft System Attendant service is running on the Exchange Server.

ID No: c10308a2

Anyway, I'm attempting to add these contacts directly from the Exchange Server, which is not a DC and has the ADUC snap-in installed. On my DC, ADUC does not have the option of adding e-mail enabled contacts. This exchange server is also a VM run by Hyper-V. I've logged in as Administrator.

Any help? Project is due by end of day tomorrow.

Solved this problem myself...I cannot add these contacts directly from the exchange server. I added an ADUC snap-in with exchange tabs on a Windows XP workstation...it works.