Hello people,

I have created a game for windows7 platform and want to put it on the internet and on cd for a small fee. I was wondering if anyone knows a good copy protection mechanism which i can use.
I already find a few anti copy protection mechanisms, does anyone know these systems, or maybe do you know a better system instead?
- lockPE doesnt seem to work for me because it causes errors when I try the program
- the tool from logicprotect.com is way too expensive, i need something familair, but cheaper.
- exesecure.com offers an exesecure tool which seems to fit my needs but i cannot find anything about it on the web, has anyone used exesecure ?

Please let me know which mechanism you use if you ever did, I would like to have some tips.

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My opinion, and that of a lot of others, is forget the pain of DRM. Consider "piracy" as free advertising, make it easy to get your game, and easy to purchase legally. Friends share, and usually buy once they figure out that they like the game. It helps if legitimate purchasers get some sort of added benefit that enhances their gaming experience. I've been in this business for 30+ years, and I will NEVER purchase a program with some sort of DRM that makes it impossible for me to move it to a new system, let others try it out, etc. That's why I don't use Adobe Photoshop and such any longer. I stick with the open source tools that provide similar capabilities, such as GIMP.

FWIW, I use just one program that requires a license key (an enterprise software design/modeling/simulation tool), but under the license terms I can install it on all of my computers, assuming that I am the only user of it. If others want to try it out, that is OK since without the key they have a 30 day full/free evaluation. Given this is a $200 USD program that compares favorably with similar products from IBM that cost $5000-$10000 USD per seat, I really don't have a problem with that. They have given me an overwhelming reason to buy - great software at a very affordable price!

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