I recently reformatted a computer for a friend. Everything worked fine when I was running it at my house hooked up to my monitor. When bringing the computer back there is a limit on what is displayed. The bios boot starts to display, but then cuts off earlier then normal. Then there is nothing on the display. The computer sounds as if it is running like normal.

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

Make sure all the boards are seated, they may have workes loose, and check the cables too

Ok i'll check all the cards etc, anything else? I checked the connection to the monitor (it has dual outputs) and it appeared to have a firm connection.

I also had this problem when connecting this unit to this monitor a few months ago. I was unable to figure out what it was then either.


Boot in Safe mode and check the display. If the display is ok, try updating the video drivers by booting into Safe mode with networking and visiting manufacturer's site. (provided you have hi-speed)


I haven't been able to get the machine to display the boot. The display cuts out before the originial bios boot sequence is completed. I have tried to enter the bios setup, but was unable to even get that to display.

Do you have access to another computer, if so try the monitor on that computer, and try the problem computer on the other monitor. This will show you if the problem is computer or moniter. Now if computer, disconnect any cards, drives, that you can and see if it will boot. If it is OK with you're monitor it maybe the other monitor.

Both the display and computer work when seperated. I'll try to remove some of the cards when I get back to the machine. Thanks