hiya all.The problem is this i have created this Form1.exe in visiual basic.But I can't seem to be able to erase it.I tried everything.First I tried shift+del then i went like to safe mode from admin than from my normal user name but each time i try to erase it it says its being use by another user or such.But when i ctrl-alt-del i can't see such a process.Please is there a program that can erase any program whatever what on net??even if being used.I will try dos now hope it will work.If it will i post as such.(Hope I posted at right place taught this is a xp problem???)

Tried DOS and again THIS====>

C:\Documents and Settings\as\Desktop>del Form1.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\as\Desktop\Form1.exe
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Soooo sorry for crowding the forum found the solution.I forgot my program works over explorer.exe so after re-checking my codes I closed explorer.exe from my process' (ctrl+al+del) after that i said new task wrote cmd got the command window running wrote "del Form1.exe"
and vola its gone forever...:) I just love happy endings

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