here is the situation: I want to make a gadget which will be connected via USB to PC. This device has to be recognized by particular program (lets say Flight simulator X (FSX)). When I connect my device to the PC and open FSX, I should see the device in the program. One more thing, I need that this device only react to particular signal (so, whan I fly a plane I see many gadgets and I need that my self made USB gadget (attitude indicator) work parallel to one of the plane's gadgets in FSX (attitude indicator for example). Its like I fly the plane with simulator I connect my gadget to pc ant I see data on my device ant in FSX plane gadget at the same time. I hope u understant what I want to say :). I know how to make the computer to recognize my device, but I don't know how to create a particular driver which will be recognizible by the program ant react to changes in particular programs signal (gadget in flying plane).

If anyone have programmed USB drivers or know something about it, please share this information with me. Maybe this information will be usefull to someone else too.

Thank You

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