I need a little help trying to setup a backup process. I cant seem to figure out the best way todo it. I was hoping if I explained my setup you might be able to give me ideas.
Ok here it is:

PC1) Win XP w/ 2 160 SATA drives. 1 drive is for the OS, the other is being used for nothing right now. This PC is also my gaming computer.

PC2) Win 2003 w/ a 40 gig OS drive and 2 80g IDE drives in a Raid 0. This is my server.

Laptop) Win XP w/ a 100g HD. This is my main computer that i use for Outlook and everyday use.

Is there anyone who has a similar setup that might be able to explain how they back their data up? I just cant seem to find a way with out it taking 8 hours. I have no problem switching drives around. The only thing is that PC1 is the only computer that SATA connections. Any one have any ideas?

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