Hi, all experts. I'm having problem with Norton Ghost 10 Recovery Disk. I tried to boot the PC with the CD into recovery environment. Unfortunately, it went through the loading process then come to a grey screen, with a big mouse pointer.

Later on, the screen refreshed and the mouse pointer turn smaller followed by restarting the machine. It looks the CD failed to boot the PC. Anyone come across this before? Pls advise. Thanks.

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What kind of system are you running? What kind of motherboard is in the machine?

That CD uses a version of Windows called WinPE, and it often has limited driver support.

I know it is a while since you posted this, but I had the same problem. I figured out the fix it just yesterday.

For starters, I hope you actually bought the program because the fix requires some help from symantec.

Basically, the default restore CD is packaged largely incomplete and is missing a lot of drivers for a lot of system. This is why they do the driver validation during initial install. Every computer I have used Ghost 10 with needs extra driver here or there maybe for RAID, maybe for SCSI, or something else. What you need to do is get a custom CD from symantec. The instructions are here.

They are surprisingly fast with sending the replacement CD. I got mine within 2 hours of my request. They will send you a link to an FTP with a zipfile containing a replacement ISO.

This should fix your problem.

If you want a backup solution for many computers, get Hirens Boot CD. I have version 9, and that is actually be best recovery solution period. Included is partition software, diagnostic software. It also is packaged with Ghost 8.4, I think.

I will say that the benefit of Ghost 10 is that the recovery process is literally ten times faster that previous versions of Ghost that I have tried. Mine restored 6 GB of info in less then 10 minutes, somehow.

Unfortunately, to use Ghost 10, there is a good chance that you will need a custom recovery disk. Which means you will need a real license. Makes pirating the software pretty much useless.

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