I have a Lacie Electron 22BlueIV monitor (CRT). Last night while I was watching a TV show on it, the screen went to black but the audio continued. I jiggled the mouse and pushed a few keys but the picture wouldn't come back. I shut the computer down and rebooted. The picture finally came back but for only a few minutes. This happened several times before I finally shut it down for the night. I did notice that the monitor was getting very hot, but I've had this device for a few years. Today it seems to be working fine, but it could happen again.

I'm assuming that if something blew in the back, the picture would not have come back on at all. This is the best monitor I've ever had, so I'm not looking to replace it.

Thank you.
Windows 7
HP p6644y
64 bit

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The only reason the OS would turn off the monitor is if you had power settigs configured so that the monitor shuts down after inactivity. Sounds like you determined that's not the case. You can always temporarily plug another monitor to see if you reproduce the issue.

This happens to me too when I first power the TV. Then I switch off and switch on again after 2 or 3 attempts picture comes on. This is a Toshiba LCD 45 Inches

I probably don't know beans from Apple Butter, but if you have video built into the motherboard it may have died and will need to be replaced. This has happened to me in the past.

If your monitor is not working then may be its a problem of RAM in your Personal Computer

The problem you have described sounds like the monitor has gone. Such problems are often in CRT monitors.

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