Hi all,
I am using windows xp sp2. I am using nero6. while using nero, i can see 3 folders which i can't see in windows explorer. unfortunately the content of these folders is harmful to other users of this computer. plz look the image i attached. My pc was formatted 3 days ago. before that i used a file hiding program named FHF. when formatted, i can't see the hidden files but all of them is visible in nero's folder select dialouge. So i need to either retrieve these folders or delete them. But how?. Plz help me
-vinod chandran

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Change your global folder settings to show all hidden files, this can be found within your Control Panel

Also, the Found.0001 and Found.0002 are usually hidden folders created by check disk utility when some problems found on it. Mostly when the disk is on any kind of FATS formatted.

I'll suggest to verify this point and change the format to NTFS using the CONVERT utility (see here for help)

Hope this helps

Thanks lolafuertes and dimsums. I only want to access these folders. Anyway if i can't get the data in these folders, i will have to evacuate the drive and format it. because i don't want the other users to see it.

You can access. No problem.
As said by dimsums, go to Control Panel, and, in the Folder Options, select to show every thing, even it says that maybe dangerous. Reset all folders and set this as default. Accept it.
Then go to the C:\ and yu'll see the folders. If you can not, refresh the c: folder contents. If you still not, then restart the computer.

If still not, you must change a kay in the registry to show the superhidden files following those steps:
4) Goto Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
Data Type: REG_DWORD [Dword Value]
Value Name: ShowSuperHidden
5) Modify/Create the Value Name [ShowSuperHidden] according to the Value Data listed below.
Value Data: [0 = ShowSuperHidden Disabled / 1 = ShowSuperHidden Enabled]
6) Exit Registry and Reboot
Now you'll see a lot of unknown files and folders with strange names, starting with double $, etc. Do not pick on them or you'll crash your system.

Verify the contents of the folders found by Nero, and if you still convinced, delete them.

Set back every step you did to see the folders. And restart the computer, of course :)

Hope this helps

Hi lolafuertes,
Thanks again. Let me try. After deleting this folder do i need to switch that particular value to 0 = ShowSuperHidden Disabled ?.

Hi lolafuertes,
Thanks a lot. My problem solved. after editing registry, i accessed all hidden folders and retrieve some data and deleted the rest.Once again thanks.

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