Hello guys. I am an HP Probook 4430s user.
I just want to ask if this laptop version enables Virtualization.
If not, then how can I enable it?

It is said that Virtualization is usually disabled by default computer manufacturers.
And I am not sure either how to check whether it's enabled here or not.

I am hoping for an answer in regards with this. Thank you so much in advance!

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hi ,no answer ,I looked through a couple of the manuals for it buy don't see anything
did you at least go into the bios and have a look aroung ,

I enabled it in my Dell Optiplex desktop ,only took a few minites to find it ,and Dell Bios are usually very limited .maybe HP 's are too


just found this info,you need to boot to the bios /setup when you first turn on the computer to find these settings
Re: Enable hardware virtualization in BIOSOptions

If you have the option for Hardware Virtualization, Virtualization Technology, or Hardware Virtualization Technology it should be located under the Power options tab. Other options that can be found under Power options include "After AC power failure", "NX no execute", S5 max power savings", and "WOL in S5". If you do not see the Virtualization option under Power, look through all of the options tabs. If you can't locate the Virtualization option anywhere in your BIOS it is likely that it is not supported by your computer.

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