I have a 60Gb HDD
I format it 20Gb/40Gb
c: was 20Gb and had OS (XP) on it
e: was 40Gb and had data
c: was slow and needed a format
I formatted e: and installed OS (XP) on it
I now have 2 OS on, and can safely boot from either.
I want to format c: but keep getting message "unable to complete"

The main file that seems to be the problem is acroIEHelper.dll, but I think there may be others, maybe files in use on c: when booting from e:, and don't know how to make my boot CD help this either.

Basically - How do I format c: in this situation?

Thanks for reading.

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Hi, "pouncer":
I think you have to get "Partition Magic" program and use it to format any partion you want.

the partion you intall OS on, must be "Primary" & "Active" and the other patitions are "logical" only. The program I have mentioned befor - "Partition Magic" make these option easy to be selected.

First backup your important files from 40gb
If you put in the xp cd and format the whole hard disk ,and create the two partition again?
insert xp disk,restart your computer,catch the bios(generally Del button)
Bios->First Boot Device->Cd Dvd->Save changes.Hold the xp cd in the cd drive.Format every partitions with the xp cd,create a new partition,and install a clean xp...so easy not?. :)

acroIEHelper.dll is a module which offers support for the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, its not a windows program...

To format from Command prompt, login from the OS on E:..MAke sure to close all stuff from the taskbar i.e. those stupid tray icons n' stuff frm task manager if you are familiar presuming all\many programs are installed in C:

Open Command Prompt (open 'Start Menu\Run' and type 'cmd')
Then type 'cd\'
then 'E:'
then 'Format C: /X /FS:%'

where %=FAT or FAT32 or NTFS

The '/X' would terminate all programs running through C: and initiate the force format'


Go To

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools

Then Open 'Computer management'
Select 'Disk Management'
Then select the drive to be formatted, right click on it and click 'format' if it gets stuck in the process, you will most probably get an option to force format..

P.S. MAke sure your page file is not set on drive C:
To check this 'Right Click on My Computer' then 'Properties\Advanced\Performance\Settings\Advanced\Virtual Memory\Change'
Strip it Off From C drive and set it to E drive and Restart...

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