Hi All,

I have been asked to put a Domain Trust in place between a couple of sites, but due to the setup of the domains, I am a bit concerned if it will work correctly, or mess up both domains, so looking at a bit of advice as to if this will work or not.

Please see below a quick overview of our netowrk setup, and let me know if you need any further info:

Domain 1: contoso.london.local. PDC (2008 R2) connected via VPN to secondary domain controller (2003) for contoso.london.local. (This relationship is already in place and working correctly).

Domain 2: contoso.local. PDC (2003).

The only VPN link between the 2 domains is currently between the Domain 2 PDC and Domain 1 SDC.

I guess my question really is is it possible to put the trust relationship in from Domain2-PDC to Domain1-SDC, with my bigger worry being that the first part of both domains is named the same.

Any input is appreciated!


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Don't worry, I have found the answer that this is not possible due to the NETBIOS domain showing as exactly the same.


Aside from the NetBIOS name, domains form different Active Directory forests that share the same namespace will have domain suffix routing issues.

So, setting up a trust is not a good idea for this type of scenario.

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