Okay..so here is the problem....

My laptop suddenly cant access the internet..how do i know this? Well, you know theres a sign right if your connected or not? Mines got an "X" so nno connection right? but then i accidentally opened Google Chrome and poof! I can access still access the net...weird right? The one thing that bugs me are these..I cant access my network(trying to figure out what was wrong)...cant access my online game, and cant access some programs...ex. cant do system restore, check windows update....

Can anyone help me?

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If you think you have a virus, I would recommend that you ensure that your antivirus/antimalware client is up to date with regard to its engine and definiations. I would also suggest you download MalwareByte's free scanning tool. I use it regularly and its very good at finding malware even when the traditional AV clients fail to identify malware.

Accessing resource on the network/internet rely on name resolution. open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all, make sure that your DNS client settings havent been statically assigned to something that is incorrect for your local network configuration.

Also take a look at your HOSTS file to make sure malware has not added entries that do not belong there:


Its a kind of virus, usually present in your c drive. I already faced it and removed it through avg(free edition).


Are u using Windows Vista by any chance ?? I've had the same problem.. Its a software glitch which was modified by a service pack update... Check if u downloaded that... If nt vista, then i dont know, could be a virus or probably some sort of parental controls :P


sorry for the late reply, thanks for the info guys,,btw, my laptop is fine now....i just waited for a day and boom....it is fixed...im just dissappointed that i wasnt able to find what cause the problem in the first place..

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