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Try this instead. If you can get IE to open and stay open, before you try visiting any web sites, go to the Tools, options, Advanced tab. There is a button there to reset IE back to its defaults. This usually fixes all types of quirky issues.

If that doesnt work, you could upgrade to version 8 if you arent running Windows 7. If you are on 7, ugrade to version 9.

If that isnt an option, try installing Chrome or Firefox.

Last option, is to try to fix it using a Windows repair. If you are at this point, I would just wipe the drive and perform a new installation. however, before I get to this point, I would just use a different browser. I typically like Chrome. Its fast and easy to use.


oh and i have installed firefox but i cant get all videos to run


For videos, if they are flash, you'll need to go to Adobe's site and install the flash player.


no thank u microsoft malicious software removal tool took care of it for me. but thank u

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