Hello, guys I use an ADSL service (my connection type is PPPoE) but in Windows Vista I just can't connect please help me..

Thanks in advance

Please describe in more detail and provide some screenshots

My friend In Windows XP I connected by Ethernet and just by enabling the local area connection I was connected to Internet, IP address and other things were set to my modem, when I installed Windows Vista and saw that i cannot connect I thought the problem is from drivers of my network adaptor so I went and downloaded (in XP) the new drivers and installed them but the problem didn't solve just now windows can connect to the network but it cannot connect to Internet somewhen that it connects It doesn't open any website...:(

Ok in vista, please run the networking wizard. Chose the option that says "connect through a resedential gateway or other pc". After doing that reboot and go into network settings . Make sure it is set to get its IP Automatically assigned (by dhcp). Next, right click on the connection and choose repair.

I hve same problem with my PPPoE connection. I have installed Windows Vista Business few days ago but inbternet not working. According to some forums my ISP not compatible with Vista or maybe I need to configure Ipv6. I'll try this method "connect through a resedential gateway or other pc".

I cannot find option connect through a resedential gateway or other pc" when I set up new connection.

oh sorry, my instructions were for xp ;) i dont have a clue about vista

I installed Vista recently and have had issues with ethernet drivers. Once the new drivers were installed it was OK, but then as soon as I installed the antivirus it virtually closed down all of my ports and the ethernet access! Are you using antivirus?

No I have installed nothing even antivirus, I've disabled Windows Firewall. I think my ISP not compatible with Vista. I've emailed but no answer from my ISP so far. :(
Connection accepts my username and password but when i try to browse internet pages I see message that says I have no more credit in my card (my card has credit up to 13 july so now in XP I'm using that without problems).
It's possible that ISP not prepaired for Vista. :(

OK I think I've repaired problem. After installing updates and new drivers for my netowrk cards internet failed.
Reinstalled Vista (now Ultimate) and installed only important updates (not network drivers) and now is OK.
Thanks to all for replays! :)

It's possible that ISP not prepaired for Vista. :(

It makes no difference what operating system you use

I don't know really what is happening with my cconnection in Vista. As I said in Vista worked but in next start again not working.
After some random restarts I loged on in Safe Mode and after new restart internet works. And still is working. I don'w know how is corrected but I hope will be so all the time. Anyway I have problem with sound drivers and TV Tuner but for now I'm satisfied will internet. :D

All there is to do is attach your modem to the pc via LAN cord, when computer has booted up,go int o the network interface of the modem via your webpage,and check to see if you have a user name an password set for you by your ISP