Hi guys, I have a big problem with my firend's laptop. Shes got a acer aspire one happy and I was installing on it a virtual drive emulator. ALl went ok, but after the installation I kept getting the blue screen - see link attached - blue and I can't get into windows (7 starter) anymore. If I go into safe mode it works for literally 20 seconds then blue screen again. Not sure what to do, what do you suggest?

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this migh help you find the cause of the bsod .good luck

If you follow these directions you should end up with a few BSOD events recorded and a place for us to start looking -

Please download BlueScreenView http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html (in zip file)•Extract (right-click > Extract all) the contents of bluescreenview.zip.

•Double-click on the BlueScreenView.exe file, to run the program. (No installation is required.)

•When scanning is done (usually complete by the time the interface appears), go ...

•Edit > Select All

•File > Save Selected Items, and save the report to your Desktop as BSOD.txt.

•Close the BlueScreenView window... ... ...

•Open BSOD.txt using Notepad and go ... .... ..

•Edit > Select All

•Edit > Copy, and then paste the entire contents of the text file into your next reply.

thanks for that. Unfortunately - forgot to mention in my previous post - the blue screen comes up about 30 second after I log in into windows (any mode) so it doesn't give me the time to even run the program and then the system restarts again, and I am again back to square one.
A few things that might be helpful: in those 30 seconds I have managed to run msconfig and disable a few services, like the infamous virtual drive emulator (clone cd) that seems to have caused the issue, then macafee and norton (yes there are 2 antivirus there for some reasons, one has expired), but that didn't help anyway.
One more thing, this machine has 2 OS: windows 7 starter and android. I can get to android ok, so I am thinking whether there is anything I could do from there?
Lastly, it seems to me that the last resort would be to format the HD, but unfortunately there is stuff that she absolutely wants back, pictures mainly but I can't even get the HD out for some reasons...

boot to win7 dvd and run the repair

the lappy doesn't have a cd drive...

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