I am after restoring a few computers with Vista on and I want to know for certain if I could restore them using a upgrade version of vista.

I am after booting from the upgrade disc and installing vista from scratch and using the key provided with the computer being restored.

Thanks in advance.

Did you try it yet? The computer probably must have an installed version of Windows, that's why it's called "upgrade" afterall.

No I havent got it yet. I was after booting from the disc as opposed to upgrading from a running windows OS.

I've heard you can install a fresh version(any) from an upgrade disc by skipping product key entry, as I have the keys I can enter this later.

I'm not to interested in the upgrade itself but if the disc can be used to do a fresh install.


You have to enter product keys before it will install, can't do it later.


Okay then how about the full retail version?

Nevermind, found a workaround got the installation media for Vista and didnt cost me a penny. Can't complain, sure am glad I didnt go ahead and buy it.