Hello guys, i need a help slightly with this project of my university.
my equipment are working with some components,

  1. Radius Server - MySQL - OS Linux Ubunto 12.04 or OS Microsoft WindowsServer2008 - SQLServer.
  2. Router Linksys Wrt-54g
  3. Other Server with certification unit, which we need manage, configure and install, beside the user will generate a valid certificate which shall be placed on the client machine for validation and thus gain access to the WLAN.

with this components, we need to do the next:

vThe aim is that by certifying unit (preferably a completely separate server) you request user certificates which can be exported to a file.
This file will be used as the pass placed on the machine you want to connect to the WLAN and RADIUS server unit verified by certifying whether or not valid. If the certificate is what
then be given access to the WLAN otherwise be denied the same.
The server unit and certification by the RADIUS server is used to manage user authentication and wireless network. Within this management assumes the following points handling user management (management assessment point users)
1. Creating and certificates for users.
2. Clearing and certificates for users.
3. Revocation of licenses and users.
4. Types of licenses and users.

The server with Radius, whether Ubuntu or Windows are ready, we need to link, the RADIUS server with the certification unit.

Somebody can help me, with links or references or documentation or explication.

greetings to all

There are quite a bit of steps and components to implement this infrastructure. There are a few Microsoft TechNet Guides. Start with this one.


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