Hello dear community

Now i've tried to fix this error myself for countless of days.

The error is following: My computer now and then doesnt recognize that i've got a ethernet cable plugged in to my computer.
The internet work all times on all of the other 3 computers in the homenetwork.

OS: win 7
NIC: intel r 82566dc-2 gigabit network connection

I've tried to disable IPV6 adress, updated drivers and some other stuff, And when I tried the option to change the link/duplex from auto to fixed it worked. Sometimes at 10mb, then it lost connection to the cable and I changed it to 100/ 1 gig and it work again. This worked for about 1-2 weeks. Then it couldnt find the cable in neither of the options.
So I tried the good old plugg out modem, router + computer let it be offline for some hours then put it on again. I did this several times each day for a week. Then suddenly it worked again, for 5 hours, then it died AGAIN.
Now ive been cut from the internet for some days on my desktop computer again. Needless to say im getting pretty frustrated.

So after this time I give up, I need you expert help. Do you have any clue what to do?

Best wishes

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After re-reading your post, the symptoms you describe make me think that the NIC (network controller) is going bad. If it is a plug-in card, replace it. If it is built into the system motherboard, then you may need to send it in for repairs or replacement. If manually manipulating the cable or connector were to effect the problem, then I would say that the connector is bad, but your other symptoms make me think that is not the situation.

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