I have just reformatted my hard drive, however i now come to installing itunes which is fine then once i try and install the latest version it comes up with an error saying quicktime is not installed properly and itunes needs quicktime to run. i have tried un-installing and re-installing itunes, no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Also whenever i try and download Xfire, or any other file off the internet it nearly always says they are corrupt?)

thanks for any replies!

Uninstall iTunes, Uninstall Quicktime. Go on the net download the lastest version of Quicktime, then try reinstalling iTunes.


I had this same problem a few days ago. I fixed it by downloading the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility from here. When you have downloaded and installed the CleanUp Utility, open it and find and select QuickTime and click on Remove. if that dosen't work have a look at the Support section of the Apple website here. By the way make sure you have the iTunes 7 installer (If you don't have that get it here).

Remove Quicktime and Itunes. reinstall Quicktime, and then reinstall Itunes.

Thanks!! It seems to have worked! itunes is working fine now :)!

Most software errors can be fixed just by doing a clean install with the required programs.

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