Hello everyone, since yesterday I cannot open any Microsoft page.
It says Error 404 with a Google logo and a brokon robot sketch. Ir invites me to download Google Chrome but to me it seems a fake.
Probably a Trojan.... Can anyone help?

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So take a look at your HOSTS file. It is located at %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc.

To edit this file, it can be opened with notepad, but will elevated admin privileges (run as administrator)

Remove any entries that do not belong there.

In addition, I would suggest you download Malwarebytes and scan the computer.


Remove any entries that do not belong there

That's not very useful unless you already know what does and does not belong there.

Make a copy of the HOSTS file (copy to hosts.bak) first. The HOSTS file that gets created when you install Windows has no entries other than comments so just replace the existing file with a file containing nothing but a blank line or a comment.

Any line starting with # is a comment

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Cannot see any file more recent than august this year. OK, it will be hidden but I just don't know what belongs thereas reverend Jim suggested. And obviously I cannot open the malwarebytes download until this trojan is there...

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