I've recently got my first tech guy job and i've nearly got my head around how all the servers and stuff works in the IT department. I have thought of something though.

when you PXE boot a client into WDS and install an image onto the client machine and then boot the pc up how does the client pick up an automatic DNS address without having to go into the adapter properties and manually adding it?


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The IP configuration is coming from your DHCP servers.

PxE depends on DHCP.

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Thanks, i've installed the DHCP role on the server and added a scope. I'm also behind a home router that gives out automatic ip addresses. Could that be an issue? Should i just connect the computers to a switch and see if that makes a difference?


You will need to disable the DHCP role on the router. Also, with regard to WDS, you may need additional options configured in the scope depending on which server(s) have which role (WDS and DHCP). There are plenty of TechNet articles on how to set this up.


Maybe only use the router to provide your server with an internet connection, and have your DHCP/DNS/WDS server instead of the router, aslong as clients are connected to the server rather than through the router it will work. if they connect through the router, they take the routers configuration, vice versa with the servers. In case you aren't using it, may i recommend using the microsoft Deployment Toolkit, found at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=25175

You can use this to customize many settings, including domain, and network settings to a certain extent. Good luck and happy new year!

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