I have windows XP installed on my office computer.

I have created a seperate logon account coz I do not want my colleagues to use my login info to access the computer.

So my question is how do I assign roles to this new user?

I want to disable all admin functions like install a software, create new users etc.


1) I am using win xp Pro 2002.
2) The Guest account does not work for some reasons.


Hey Cancer10

The places to be for this administration is "compmgmt.msc" and "secpol.msc". (Both can be run from Start > Run).

In computer manager (compmgmt.msc), you can configure local logins under "Local Users and Groups > Users". Double-click the login you created, and select the "Member-Of" tab. Make sure they are only a member of "users".

By default this restricts their access to install programs, view others profiles, and create new users.

You can further configure permissions for users in security policies (secpol.msc). Permissions are given under "Local Policies" > "Security Rights Assignment". But TBH, making sure the user only has "users" permissions should be sufficient.

The Guest Account on WinXP is disabled by default, and for security, is's best to leave it this way.

Regards, David

ok thanx for your help.

Another question - I have created a new user account from the control panel. How do I make this new account so that they cannot see my Installed programs under Start > All Programs



Browse to "C:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\Programs" and move the icons you want to hide from them to "C:\documents and settings\********\start menu\Programs" - where ******** is your username.

Similarly with in "C:\documents and settings" you'll find each username, or all users folders, and can change Desktop Icons as well.

Regards, Dave