i'm in the education sector and we're in the process of setting up sharepoint.

How would i go about displaying the users documents in sharepoint?

We're in a domain environment, I cannot seem to find any 'web parts' that can do this.


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In sharepoint, when you create a new 'Site' you should have a dozen or so templates to pick from. Easiest thing to do is to use one of these like the 'group collaboration' template. Any user with 'Owner' or 'Member' rights can upload documents to the 'Document Library' for that site and share it with the other members.


thank you. all of our users in active directory have a documents folder which uses folder re direction. is it possible to display their documents they already have in that folder?


I don't think so.... Afaik, the documents must be uploaded into the site library before it can be shared.


Well, You could certainly publish a link the that \server\home\username folder, then edit permissions so that the approprate people have access to that folder. But that kind of goes against what a home folder is supposed to be anyway.

You'd be better off createing a \server\share and copying the imortant files out to there and publishing that link in sharepoint.

Now 1 BIG problem that comes to mind is that anyone who is not on the inside network would not be able to get to that server share. Someone on the public net would not be able to resolve \server\home. PLus you'd be insane to open that up to the public anyway. That's the reason why uploading to SP is preferred.

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